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Dec. 17, 2012 — This update is being sent on behalf of Regent Larry Walker, chair of the UGA Presidential Search Committee:

The UGA Presidential Search Committee continues to make progress. The Committee has selected a diverse group of nine candidates to be interviewed in January. Of the nine, all have excellent credentials and have experience at large, public institutions. Several have AAU and land-grant experience. Of the nine, five currently are presidents, three are provosts, and one is a dean of a large school within a large public university. Each brings we believe the kind of background the UGA community has indicated it is looking for.

We will continue to provide updates while maintaining the confidentiality that is necessary to a successful process. I again express my appreciation to the committee members, all of whom are working hard and contributing to the search process.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.
Larry Walker

Nov. 7, 2012 — This update is being sent on behalf of Regent Larry Walker, chair of the UGA Presidential Search Committee:

I want to provide you the latest status on the search for a new UGA President. On October 25th the committee met for three hours. Committee members came to the meeting having selected their "Top Ten" from the pool of applicants. It was a strong pool and included sixteen sitting presidents. Our discussion identified twelve candidates for "directed referencing." As Bill Funk explained this allows us to learn more about the candidates at this stage without jeopardizing their confidentiality. Committee members will call references identified by the candidates and ask a common set of questions. Obviously as we whittle the field more intensive and broader background and reference checks will be done. Bill will continue to try to recruit and entice other applicants into the pool and if the committee so chooses could review their applications. The Chancellor and I hope to meet with a couple of sitting presidents soon at their request to help address issues they have before they decide whether to apply.

The pool of twelve for directed referencing is strong. It is composed of sitting presidents, sitting provosts, and one sitting dean of a large college at a large university. All candidates have extensive backgrounds at large, public, research institutions of very high quality, including several AAU schools. I believe at this stage the pool tracks with what we have heard from faculty, staff and students about the characteristics they are looking for in the next president.

The search committee is working hard and is on track to identify candidates to provide in January to the Chancellor and the Board of Regents. We will meet again in December to identify the candidates for "airport" interviews. Of course anything can happen along the way to alter our course, but we are confident the search is progressing very well at this stage.

July 24, 2012 — Initial meeting of the University of Georgia Presidential Search Committee

  • Ads will be placed to run twice in the Chronicle of Higher Education and once each in Diverse Issues in Education, the Hispanic Outlook in Education, and Women in Higher Education.  Publication dates are forthcoming.
  • As of July 27, more than 500 personal letters have been sent to the search firm's proprietary mailing list soliciting nominations and recommendations.  The firm's Research group is working with the executive search consultant, Bill Funk, to target key individuals across the country and a nomination letter is being prepared for that purpose.  An initial target list of some 20 to 30 will be developed with others added as the search moves forward.
  • The Sept. 27 search committee meeting will be an update meeting that will provide the opportunity to roll out a password-protected website for the committee's work.  At a subsequent meeting, likely in late October, the firm expects to have the pool "complete" and would be in a position for the Committee to begin distilling the candidates.